Top Five Songs — The C and A Version

Sappy, Cheesy Post Alert – You’ve Been Warned!

Inspired by High Fidelity
In the book and movie, High Fidelity,  the characters focus on top 5’s in relation to things happening in their life.

Top 5 Songs that are C & A Over the Last Ten Years —

1. “Tuff Enuff” by Fabulous Thunderbirds – In the beginning stages of dating, there is always a period with a little silence where you think “Does he or she really like me?” In the midst of that moment, a CD (the sequel to the mixed tape) showed up in my mailbox at school. This song, like Springsteen’s “Tougher than the Rest,” is a theme to taking on a new relationship and trusting it will grow. Ten years later, I do think I am “Tuff Enuff” for C and he me.
2. “Tenderness” by General Public – In a relationship, you do certain things that you promised yourself you would never do like going to Retronome when dancing really isn’t your thing. On a night where a friend was the epitome of Rick Springfield, C actually got out on the dance floor during this song. Now, I can’t hear this song without thinking of that moment in time – the moment of possibility. The next time I got him out there was during a night of U2 while out with a different friend, but that is a story for another day.
3. “Closer to Me” by Dar Williams – The road trip. The time in the relationship when you risk taking it on the road to see if you can actually stand each other for a period of time outside the usual routines. I know you can all see us belting this one out at the top of our lungs while driving cross country to a friend’s wedding. C definitely knew I was legit after he voluntarily slept in a kid-size tent in the middle of Kentucky. It could be that leaving the tent wasn’t really an option in the hullabaloo happening outside, but I’d like to believe he knew after that he was “for scuba” aka me!
4. “Once in a Blue Moon” by Van Morrison/”Stickshifts and Safety Belts” by Cake – Next is the time in a relationship where you formalize it in some way. Two in one for this selection. I can’t separate the two out. Our “wedding” songs. Van Morrison is the more traditional sentimental favorite that definitely says no one else would be crazy enough to be stuck with C or I, but well, C and I; However, the reality is we are the Cake song – we are Wendell Berry and Virginia Woolf mixed with NASCAR thrown together with Shoes from Nordstrom and Carhartts and Mike’s Pastry.
5. “This is Us” by EmmyLou Harris and Mark Knopfler – Lastly, there is the where you are at right now in the scheme of it all. If we started our ride with Jame Brown “I Feel Good” and a night at Retronome then right now we are in the throes of tee-ball, toilet training, and time being stretched beyond the constraints of a twenty-four hour day. Yet, in the midst of chocolate milk and Italian sub vomit-fests, we can still laugh and have a single look across a soccer field that says we got this and each other.

This post was inspired by hearing “Once in a Lifetime” by Talking Heads on the way to school today. Here’s to another TEN years!

Ten Things I (Re)Learned on My Run Today

Today’s run should have gone smooth. It had all the elements in the making — gorgeous weather, C watching kids, wearing my new Punk Rock Racing shirt, and a seemingly slow incline course. Ten miles. A little under two hours to myself. Not at all what I expected.

NOTE: Please feel free to laugh at anything mentioned below because in reality I have no one to blame but myself and looking back I am laughing now.

What really happened. Upon arriving to bike path, I noticed the port-o-potty that is always there (because I usually run in the summer and fall) hasn’t been put out yet because technically it is still winter. Problem. After two kids, I have to pee walking from the kitchen to my basement.

No problem. I will use one of the side trails I always use (sometimes even park my BOB so that it blocks the view from the road). Problem. Because it is still winter, none of the trees are grown in so you can see everything from the trail.

No worries. Somehow, I won’t have to pee once I start running. Problem. Like I said earlier, I just think I have to pee at this point in the game and I have to pee.

C (who was trying to make this easy for me) told me to run on bike path because it would be safer than the rut filled mud boggin’ roads around us. Problem. It is still winter. The bike path follows the mountain road to the ski resort. Anything in the shade is still snow/slush/ice.

It is a gorgeous day. It is the weekend. Problem. Everyone is out in packs. There is really no room to run and you have to fight for the pavement that is showing.

Decide to stop after five miles and return to the paved (although hilly) roads by my house. Problem. Don’t eat enough. Don’t drink enough water.  However, I did eat a GU before starting second five miles. It just wasn’t enough.

Decide to leave water in car because I will only be running for about fifty minutes. Problem. Hunger and thirst have clearly caused me to forget all that I should know as a seasoned runner.

So with that being said, here are ten things I (re)learned in no particular order. Not all of them have to do with the run itself. Some are just things that I noticed.

  1. As C always says, any run over 45 minutes bring water. Any run over 60 minutes bring food (GU).
  2. As cool as my Punk Rock Racing shirt and capri running pants are, channeling my inner Johnny Cash and wearing all black in the middle of the day when it is 60 degrees in March is NOT a good idea. Note to self, time to break out the shorts and get the Body Glide out.
  3. When doing the second five miles, don’t do the route that is all downhill on the way out and all uphill on the way back, especially when it ends with a huge hill.
  4. When it is above 60 degrees in my neighborhood, all men out running do not wear shirts.
  5. When out running, biking, walking, I think it is good form to acknowledge person coming towards you with either a hello, wave, nod, eye contact, a smile. Blatantly acting like the person is not there (in a small town) is just rude. Trust me, there are runs (like today) where I want to just lie down on the side of the road because it is NOT fun, but I still say hi (or at least smile meekly).
  6. It is okay to stop running so that you don’t hurt yourself. Supposed to do ten today. Ended up with 8.5. It is what it is. A bad run is still a run.
  7. It is great to have a Garmin because when you realize the course you made isn’t long enough, you can just add more and it tells you as you go. Of course, this doesn’t matter if you stop early, but still a great thing.
  8. Chocolate milk is the best damn drink for recovering. Plus, it tastes SO good. Had a big glass from Strafford Creamery. SO GOOD!
  9. It is important to drink lots of water BEFORE the day of the big run. Forgot to drink my usual amount Friday and Saturday and felt like it really was noticeable today.
  10. Having your three-year-old run up to the car when you get home (even though you feel like crap) and say “Momma, I missed you” definitely makes any bad run just disappear.

Today was a good reminder (especially with warm weather upon us) of things that I need to remember on long runs, but also short ones as well (since in about three more weeks ten miles will count in the short run category.

Tomorrow is a rest day, but then back out there on Tuesday.

How did everyone’s runs go this weekend? Tell me about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Spring Running

My running lately hasn’t really been all that great, but somehow last week I got back in the swing.

I did three of my four runs (One I couldn’t do because treadmill was taken at gym, but I substituted with 45 minutes on the elliptical.).

However, the cool thing was I actually ran my three miler at a consistent pace with under ten minute miles. Next, I went out today for my thirteen miler and ran consistent miles for the whole time with 11:30 as the average. It felt good and I realized that I think I am ready to sign up for the half marathon race at the end of April as a check-in for marathon at end of May.

Today, I am going to do something different with my running. C and I are taking the kiddos to the bike path. Duffer will “ride” with C, while Little “runs” with me.  Finally, she is old enough to go in the Bob and come along for the ride!

It is funny what a couple good runs, a race on the horizon, and a new piece of running will do for your motivation!

Can’t wait to get out there today!

Tough Love Tuesday — The Running Edition

A day off from work. Beautiful weather. A hop, skip, and a jump from the TM (roads are still a little dicey for running around here). Seems like a no brainer.

Unfortunately, as much as I love running (and the feeling I get from running), I am suffering from motivation troubles. Although I know I will feel better once I get there and ultimately have more energy to do that laundry, work for school, or even play with my kids, I am having trouble getting out the door. I did the usual — buy new shoes and a new outfit, but it still isn’t doing it. I did the you better run this week or that thirteen miler with your training partner will almost kill you this weekend, but it isn’t working. I tried the bribery where I could eat cookies if I went but I ate them anyway.

I think it is the time of year. We have had this weird weather that makes our bodies say “It is spring. Go and get out there!” However, the snow is still on the ground and then like this morning we wake up to 1.8 degrees outside. I think my body is just confused.  It wants to run, play, and jump in the mud, but the ice and cat litter are still all over the driveway and road.

Hoping that once we spring ahead this weekend that maybe my body will start to feel more adjusted, but I have a sneaking feeling it won’t (and then of course there will be that major blizzard that will happen next week anyway–it always seems to happen).

On that note, I think I will download two new songs (another lame attempt to pump me up), throw on my clothes, and drive over to the dreadmill and rock out this run.

Thinking that the new Kelly Clarkson song “Stronger” might be a good choice for today.

Anyone else having trouble getting motivated? Any ideas to help a girl out?

Second Long Run of Marathon Training

The training for this marathon has proved to be the most different than the other three I have run.  This time around with two kids, full time job, and life as a wife I realize that you just do what you do and move on rather than spend time dwelling.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals. It just means that instead of worrying that I didn’t have the perfect route or time or whatnot I think of what Pinkalicious’ mom says in the book “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

Here is the breakdown of my training partner’s and I second long run.

Avg Pace
Summary 1:41:51.7 9.00 11:19
1 10:56.7 1.00 10:57
2 10:47.3 1.00 10:47
3 11:11.2 1.00 11:11
4 11:23.8 1.00 11:23
5 11:23.0 1.00 11:23
6 11:17.3 1.00 11:17
7 11:22.6 1.00 11:23
8 11:41.5 1.00 11:42
9 11:48.4 1.00 11:50

We are heading out this week for 11 miles. My goal as we continue this quest and move forward is that we work towards negative splits.  Like always, I want to work on warming up to my run and really picking the pace up as we go.  I am trying to figure out how we can start out a little slower this weekend when there are two of us and we definitely have different internal pacing guides, etc.  What I am trying to do on my treadmill runs is increase the speed (rate) just a little bit (a .1) every minute or two minutes so that I can feel what it is like to go just a little faster and then go back to a baseline to see what it feels like to go slow and then repeat.  I am sure there is a technical running term for that.  For me, it is also a little bit of a game to keep me sane while running like a gerbil in place, especially when I do silly things like leave my music and water bottle at home.

At least I have met part of my goal this week, run #1 of 3 miles done as of yesterday.

Here is the whole week in preview:

  • Monday — 3 miler — DONE.
  • Thursday — 3 miler
  • Friday — 6 miles
  • Saturday — 11 miles
  • Sunday — REST
  • Monday — Start again

Four runs per weeks seems to be doable as of this point.  We shall see how it all goes.

Now, off to wake the family!

Happy Running!

10 Things I Love About Running

runchat asked folks to talk about the ten reasons they love running.  Here are my ten reasons why I love running (in no particular order):

  1. How strong I feel when I am out there. It is as if I could take on the world.
  2. The gear. I admit it.  I like getting new shoes, new apparel, etc.
  3. The friendships I have made through running. New friends plus the friends I have who run we have become closer.
  4. The happier I am (and more balanced) when I run.
  5. Seeing my kids on the sidelines during a race. When they cheer me on, I could be a world famous marathoner, but luckily I am just their mom.
  6. Sweating.  I like feeling as if I have accomplished something because of the brine on me.
  7. That I taught myself how to do it even if I was that kid in high school who threw up after one time around the track.
  8. Refreshments after the run. Enjoying them with friends is wonderful.
  9. Commaradrie I feel with fellow runners even if I don’t know them.
  10. Me time to come up with the best lesson plans, ideas for dinner, home improvement plans, etc.

Although I never thought I would love running or admit it publicly in life, I do. I really do!